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Streetcover Amsterdam 14x14 cm Oranje


One day, walking down the street, looking forwards and not upwards, an artistic path and open-air art experience opened before us: the manholes and their covers. Observing the manholes is an artistic path and a discovery of underground art that expands the knowledge of our industrial evolution. The iconographic recovery and the search of manholes of the most famous streets in Europe is a tribute to this type of art and a recognition to those who designed and produced these decors we trample on every day". Mepra, thanks to the idea of Jacopo Pavesi and Roberta Pietrobelli, has decided to preserve the historical memory of these little pieces of art. These reproductions not only have high artistic and historical value, they also turn into multifunctional items that can be used every day. A gift idea that allows us to: - Preserve the historical memory - Remeber a trip, a city or a special moment - Collect something precious and unique

Additional Information

Color Orange
City Amsterdam
Dimensions 14 x 14 cm
Shape Square
The luxury art
Streetcover Amsterdam 14x14 cm Oranje
Items with historical and artistic value
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Andrea Mainardi

  • Items with historical and artistic value
  • Can be used every day
  • Unique Mepra product
  • An underrated product


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