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Steamer 'Gourmet' 22 Cm



The steamer from the series 'Gourmet' is ø 22 cm vegetable steamer with a flat glass lid. It can also be used separately as a pan without the steamer insert. Not only is it a steam cooker, but it can be used for various cooking techniques to achieve professional cooking results. The Gourmet steamer has a flat, transparent lid so you can always keep an eye on what's happening with your meat, vegetables or fish.

Mepra Gourmet pots and pots are made of stainless steel and are suitable for induction hobs. Instead of a stainless steel lid mepra has used a glass lid to cover your meat, fish, vegetables or pasta. Triple-bottom High Quality Design pots and pans. Suitable for all heating sources, including Induction and Ceramic.

How does a steamer work? A layer of water is added to the bottom until it is a few centimetres deep. This liquid in the base of the steamer is what creates the flavour; add some olive oil, herbs or garlic to the water. Then place the ingredients to be steamed on the grill tray and let Gourmet do its work on any heat source ... Then the steam insert goes on top. In this goes whatever food you would like to steam. Then just place the lid on top. What you're steaming does not come in contact with the water, it is only the steam produced that actually cooks the food.

The advantages of steaming:

  • Fast: Steaming is a very fast way to cook
  • Simple: Steaming is a simple method of preparation
  • Affordable: Steam pans are inexpensive
  • Tastier: The flavours are better preserved
  • Healthier: Nutrients remain better preserved and are also easier to digest

This steamer is designed for the true connoisseur: The Gourmet!

Additional Information

Suitable for heat source Electric, Gas, Halogen, Induction, Ceramic, Oven
Non-stick coating Without non-stick coating
Diameter 22 cm
Diameter pan bottom No
Content (litres) > 5 liter
Dishwasher safe Yes
Material pan Stainless steel
Material lid Glass
Material handle Stainless Steel
Series Gourmet
Color Stainless Steel
Height No
The luxury art
Steamer 'Gourmet' 22 Cm
Steamer Gourmet diameter 22 cm. Can also be used separately as a pan without the steamer insert.

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Andrea Mainardi

  • Flat glass cover for optimal cooking convenience
  • Can also be used as separate pan
  • Suitable for induction


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