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Pasta Pan Cm.22 Gourmet



Pasta pot ø 22 cm from the Gourmet series with a flat glass lid.

Mepra Gourmet pots and pots are made of stainless steel and are suitable for induction hobs. Instead of a stainless steel lid mepra has used a glass lid to cover your meat, fish, vegetables or pasta. Triple-bottom High Quality Design pots and pans. Suitable for all heating sources, including Induction and Ceramic.

The official name for a pasta pot is a pastaiola. Other names include macaroni pot or spaghetti pot. It can also be used as a separate pot without the pasta insert. So basically with this pot you have many kitchen utensils in one. The pasta insert can also be used as a colander.

To cook pasta you always need a large pot because the packaging always reads: "in lots of boiling water". In addition, pasta has the tendency to adhere rapidly to the pot, and thus it is not easy to cook it evenly. To overcome these challenges, you can use a pasta pot.

This tall pot from the Gourmet series has a perforated insert. This pot ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and that the pasta is evenly cooked. This pot is even tall enough to put spaghetti in upright. Another important advantage of a pasta pot is that, after cooking, the pasta is simply pulled upwards out of the water. Draining is not necessary. Certainly when cooking lots of pasta in a pot full of boiling water a pasta pot is much easier and safer.

Additional Information

Suitable for heat source Electric, Gas, Halogen, Induction, Ceramic, Oven
Non-stick coating Without non-stick coating
Diameter 22 cm
Diameter pan bottom No
Content (litres) > 5 liter
Dishwasher safe Yes
Material pan Stainless steel
Material lid Glass
Material handle Stainless Steel
Series Gourmet
Color Stainless Steel
Height No
The luxury art
Pasta Pan Cm.22 Gourmet
Pasta pot ø 22 cm from the Gourmet series with a flat glass lid. The pasta insert can also be used as a colander.

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Andrea Mainardi

  • Flat glass cover for optimal cooking convenience
  • Can also be used as separate pan
  • Suitable for induction


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