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Which box are you?

Which box are you by Mepra

Are you more carnivorous or omnivorous?
Are you a family of gourmands?
Do you feel like an acrobat when you cook a plate of pasta?
You do not dare to leave in the morning without a royal breakfast?

Mepra came up with the right solution for you. Ten different boxes that will make your passions in the kitchen come true, ten exclusive and dedicated kits so you will not miss a single thing. The only thing you need to do is to choose: Which box are you?

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Easy box

Easy box by Mepra

The kitchen is your kingdom, but do you have all the tools you need to govern it while always keeping your guests happy?

EasyBox is Mepra’s solution to provide you with the right starter kit to meet your needs. Are you single, a couple or a family?

Do many people live in the same house or you entertain a lot? Choose the EasyBox that suits you best and the one you like the most or goes best with your kitchen – basic, deluxe or design version.

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